PUSHTech2020 Think Tank is a fast-paced business pitch competition. Six entrepreneurs will pitch an original business idea to a panel of business experts and an audience of entrepreneurs, small business owners, potential investors, students, business and community leaders.

Competition Prize

  • First Place: $5,000 for each category

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Friday, October 14, 2016

NOTIFICATION:  Tuesday, October 18, 2016

PUSHTech2020 Think Tank organizing committee will accept applications in the following three categories:

  1. Student Category
  2. Pre-Revenue Category
  3. Post-Revenue Category

Two finalists will be selected from per category and each finalist will present at the event.

Space is limited to 6 pitches, which will be selected from the pool of registrants by the PUSHTech2020 Think Tank Organizing Committee. The application is due October 7th.  Applicants will be notified by October 14th of the Organizing Committee’s selections. 

Anyone who has an entrepreneurial idea for a startup company who would like to pitch to a panel of judges for the purposes of receiving feedback, potential prize money, and/or possible seed funding may register.

Applicants submitting in student category must be a full-time student.

Submissions may be entered as individuals or teams.

The maximum number of team members for a single pitch is limited to 5 persons.

Each individual or team pitching may enter one idea or concept in only one category.

Pitch competitors may participate on only one team.

Only the pitching individual or the pitching members of a team may pitch to the panel of judges or answer questions from the judges and/or audience.

If you are not selected to pitch, you are still encouraged to attend PUSHTech2020 Think Tank. You’ll still have the opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and learn about the business development resources available in the Atlanta region.


Ideas and concepts pitched must be in the initial stages of development.  Individuals or teams must disclose any funding already received at the time of registration.  There is an allowance for an idea or concept to be already funded before this competition by personal or family funds, small amounts of seed capital from outside investors, or modest amounts of funding stemming from institutional or research grants.  In no case may an idea of concept be funded from any source more than $125,000.

The pitched idea or concept must be the original work of the individual or team pitching it.

Ideas and concepts deemed by the PUSHTech 2020 Think Tank organizing Committee to be fake, insincere, offensive, immoral, or unethical may be screened and disqualified.

The PUSHTech 2020 Think Tank Organizing Committee has the sole discretion to determine which teams are invited to pitch.  It may also disqualify and/or remove any individual or teams for any reason that it deems appropriate before and/or during the pitch competition for violation of these rules.  All decisions regarding team participation in the pitch competition are final. Disclaimers


The Pitch is summary of the idea or concept, i.e. the product or service.  It’s content is up to team.  Some elements to consider in preparing your pitch include:

a.      Description of Product or Service

b.     Value Proposition – How is the product or service going to add value for customers?

c.      Target Market Characteristics – Who will be buying the product or service?  How big is the target market?

d.     Differentiation – How is the product or service different from existing products and services?

e.      Competitive Advantage – What is the competitive advantage? (patent, algorithm, unique service model, etc.)

f.      Revenue Model – How will the product or service generate revenue? (sales, subscription, advertisement, etc.)

g.     Revenue Estimate – How long will it take to generate revenue and what sales revenue is expected.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Friday, October 14, 2016
NOTIFICATION:  Tuesday, October 18, 2016

PitchTech 2020



Objective: The objective of the pitch is to simply define the idea or concept by explaining a product, service, or value proposition.

Time:   Three (3) minutes are allocated to each team’s pitch. Three (3) minutes are allocated to Q & A with the judges. In total, each individual or team pitching will have six (6) minutes maximum; three (3) minutes to pitch the idea or concept and three (3) minutes to answer questions from judges and get valuable feedback.  Time will begin when the presenter begins to speak.

Other Guidelines: The use of PowerPoint or slide presentations is not allowed at I PUSHTech 2020 Think Tank.  Individuals or teams can display/share/show their prototype, samples, or posters. Materials may be distributed to the judges (but not to the audience) during the pitch.

Confidentiality: Confidentiality is not guaranteed in any way. Do not include confidential material in your submissions.  PUSHTech 2020 Think Tank  Organizing Committee, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Citizenship Education Fund accept no responsibility for enforcing a prohibition against other competitors, audience members, or judges, sponsors or others who see or hear a pitch competitor’s idea or  materials from sharing the idea and/or materials. 

Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Covenants Not to Compete between a competitor and the Organizing Committee,  judges and/or audience members PUSHTech 2020 Think Tank  Organizing Committee, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Citizenship Education Fund are not permitted. Sharing your idea or concept may be deemed a public disclosure.  It is the responsibility of applicants to consult with an attorney before entering the competition.

PUSHTech 2020 Think Tank  and its or its Organizers are not responsible for any confidentiality issues that may occur during the course of, or as a consequence of, the competition and Pitch Competitors agree that PUSHTech 2020 Think Tank  Organizing Committee, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Citizenship Education Fund incur no liability from disputes arising there from.

Reproduction:  PUSHTech 2020 Think Tank or its Organizers may take photographs and/or video of any materials used or made available by pitching individuals or teams during the competition for public relations purposes.  Any content presented by a competitor should be considered public knowledge.

Competitors should carefully consider excluding any proprietary information or materials that the competitor feels is at risk of disclosure.

Prize Money:  Prize money will be awarded and allocated in equal shares to each individual member of the winning team.  The individual recipients of prize money will be responsible for the tax implications of their winnings.  PUSHTech 2020 Think Tank prize money payments as income to the individual(s) or team members receiving the prize money.

Contact: For any questions about the pitch competition, please contact us at generalinquiries@rainbowpushorg.

Acknowledgement:  Entrants acknowledge that by submitting the application to participate in PUSHTech202 Think Tank they have read and consent to the rule of the pitch competition.